Felix Berg is a Berlin native who grew up in northern Florida, Berlin and in the mountains of Europe and currently lives between his bases in Kenya (Nairobi), Berlin, and Bern, Switzerland. He holds a degree in mathematics and worked as a financial analyst before turning full-time mountain tour and expedition leader.

Felix is known on the mountains for being a strong climber with many years’ experience in the toughest conditions- he has made solo winter ascents of major North Face Routes in the Alps (including the Droites Northface in 2 hours 55 minutes, in 2011). In 2009 he completed a record-breaking speed ascent of Mount Kenya´s Nelion (5189 metres) in 56 minutes and Batian (5199 metres) in 1 hour 17 minutes. 

At the age of 21 he co-lead an expedition to the north face of Kangchenjunga (8586m), the world’s third highest mountain. In 2004 Felix, at the age of 23, reached the summit of Mount Everest (8850m) from Tibet, in the responsibility of leading the expedition. He has climbed so the summits of many Himalayan peaks including Cholatse (6445m), Baruntse (7182m) and the beautiful Ama Dablam (6855m) in light alpine style.

Felix has explored the African continent since he first began living in Nairobi in 2002. In the past 11 years, he has successfully lead many Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya trips, and organised many other tours (expeditions to Ruwenzori, including 2 traverses from DRC to Uganda, in 2009 and 2011). In his efforts to develop the skills of the community he lives and works in, he has been involved in training the Kenyan Wildlife Service (KWS) mountain rescue team on Mount Kenya since 2004.

On rock routes till grade French 8b redpoint, 8a on sight, mixed to M10 and ice to Wi6+ complete his all-round climbing portfolio. Currently Felix is recovering from an stone fall accident, that occurred during climbing for a film production on the north face of Grand Jorrases, in the French alps in the winter of 2012.

Felix: (1) Master od the bloc, Hampi (2) pressing hard in Kenya (3) ice practice in Kandersteg (4) resting at 7500m, Kangchenjunga

2000 Cordiellera Blanca - Peru
2001 Patagonia - Chile/Argentinien
2001 Ama Dablam (6880m, SW-ridge) - Nepal
2002 Kangchenjunga (8580m, North Face, bad weather 8300m) – Nepal
2003 Mount Poi (Eastern Groove 7b+/A0, 750m 1.ascent) - Kenya
2004 Mount Everest (8848m, North-ridge) – Tibet
2008 Cotopaxi (5879m), Solo: Chimborazo (6300m), Illiniza sur (5250m) Directe Rampa - Ecuador
2008 Spantik (7100m, rescue of other team at 6000m) – Pakistan
2009 Mount Kenya Speed: Nelion in 56min, Bation in 1h17min - Kenya
2009 West-Ost-traverse of the Ruwenzori (5110m) - Congo / Uganda
2009 Cholatse (6440m, alpien style) - Nepal
2010 Patagonia - Argentinia
2010 Baruntse (7120m) Expedition- Nepal

Alpine Routes
1999 American Direct (6b, 800m) till Bloc Coince, Westface, Petit Dru
2000 Fidel Castro (6c, 400m) Blataire Westface
2001 Directe des Capucin (7a, 400m) Grand Capucin; Boucalet direct (6a+/M4, 900m) Mont Blanc de Tacul;
Directisima Bardill, Freney Pfeiler (6c/A1, 800m) Mont Blanc - all in 4 days
2002 Starway (7c,700m),Spella del roccia (7b+ 500m), Mediteranneo (8a,900) - all in 4 days (1 day rest),
Harlin (6b+ A1, 700m), South face of Aig. du Fou, Mont-Blan-area
2003 Südwand direct (7 A2 350m) Pt.John (4880m), SW-Wand (5, 600m free solo) und Equator (8-/8 600m) Bation (5200m)
am Mount Kenia; Fairwell (9-, 300m), Longido, Tanzani - Erstbegehung,
2004 SW-face direkt (7a/a+,300m) Pt.John (4880m) - 1.ascent
Batman (7b+), Blaue Lagune (7b+), Wendenstöcke
2005 Intifada Kombi Lilit (7c/c+, 400m), Rätikon - on sight /flash,
Legacy(7b, 350m), Jednicka Nr.1 (7c, 450m), Wendenstöcke
2007 Hackmaier (5+, 1800m) Eiger Nordwand
2008 Blue Magic (Wi5+,300m), Rübezahl (Wi6, 200m) in Kandersteg
2009 Chere Coulior (Wi4, 300m) free solo, Col de Breche (M6+,450m), Pt. Whymper (M5, 300m) - 1.ascent
North Face (6a, 800m), American Direct (6c+, 1200m), West-Face of Peitit Dru
2010 Coco Fesse (M6+, 800m) Mount Blanc du Tacul;
Deep Blue Sea (7b+, 300m), Spit Verdonesque (8a, 300m), Eiger North Face
2011 Supercoulior, Dru Coulior (Chamonix) in 2 days
2011 Les Courtes N-face (Swiss route, 1h42min), Droites N-face (Ginat, 2h55min), Bettenbourg on Aig. Argentiere - free solo

Sport-Climbs Ice, rock and mixed
1999 Roter Baron (Franken Jura) 7b (9-) flash
2000 Infinty (Bunker) 8a redpoint
2003 Queens Way E6 6b (7b+, bad pro) - 1.ascent
2005 Le Tango 8a flash; Tetanique 8a+, Object Lune 8a+, Orange amour 8a, La Lune 8a,
Miss Immonde 8a (Kronentahal, Fracne), Schattenjagd 8a (Tessin), Mr.Nobody 8a (Eptingen),
Bromberzeit 8a (Grote Brosch), 8a in Osp (Solwenien) - all redpoint
2006 Coeur de Loup 7c+ on sight, Fou de monde 9+/10- (Orgon, France) rotpunkt, Windstein 8a+ and
Theatre du Nou 8b redpoint, Italian Dream (9+), rotpunkt - 1.ascent
2008 Im Eignen 7c+, Thinking Fingers 8a  flash, Stein&Flöte 8a+ (10-/10) redpoint(Basler Jura)
2009 Zebra, M10 redpoint (bei Chamonix)
2010 Weisse Arena 8a (Lungern), cry baby 8a (Rawyl) redpoint
2011 7c/+ on sight (Les Preles, Siurana, Lehn, Gastlosen), Zentrifuge 8a+ (Lehn, 2.go) rotpunkt